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What is an SBOM (Software Bill of Materials)?

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Think of an SBOM as an ingredients list, but for software. It lists all of the different components that make up a piece of software, along with their versions, licenses, and other metadata. This information can be used to track the software's supply chain, identify potential security vulnerabilities, and manage compliance.

Welcome to the future of the software supply chain!

Who Needs VeriBOM?

Software Developers

Helps Software Developers to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in their code - freeing up developers to focus on more creative and strategic tasks, such as designing new features.

Security Engineers

Helps Security Engineers to scan for and remediate security vulnerabilities in an organization's software supply chain -  improving the security posture of the organization and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Compliance Officers

Helps Compliance Officers to track and manage compliance with security regulations - ensuring the organization is meeting its legal obligations and reducing its risk of regulatory fines.

Risk Managers

Helps Risk Managers to assess and manage the risk of security vulnerabilities in an organization's software supply chain - identifying and mitigating risks before they cause problems.

IT Operations

Helps IT  Operations teams to manage the software inventory and configuration of an organization's systems -  improving the efficiency of IT operations and reduce the risk of outages.


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