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VeriBOM Partners

VeriBOM is the perfect partner to help your customers quickly gain compliance around software supply chain security and management. Whether your are a reseller, distributor, consultant, cloud, or technology partner, we can help your clients ensure a smooth, rapid path to compliance. VeriBOM helps our partners in a number of ways, including:

Educating their customers about the importance of SBOMs

Software resellers can educate their customers about the importance of SBOMs and how they can help to improve software security.

Partnering with VeriBOM

Software resellers can partner with VeriBOM to offer their customers these tools as part of their software solutions. This can help to make it easier for customers to adopt SBOM management and improve their software security posture.

Providing training and support

Software resellers can provide training and support to their customers on how to use VeriBOM. This can help customers to get the most out of these tools and improve their software security.

Incentivizing customers to use VeriBOM

Software resellers can offer incentives to their customers to use VeriBOM. This could include discounts on software licenses or other benefits.

Demonstrating the benefits of VeriBOM SBOM management

Software resellers can demonstrate the benefits of VeriBOM to their customers. This could be done by sharing case studies of how other organizations have used SBOM management to improve their software security.

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